FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Curiosities about the Fuseum

Who made the Fuseum?
The original nucleus of the Fuseum was built by Brajo Fuso between 1960 and 1980. The two indoor spaces (Sala degli Elleni and Sala Bettina) are roos that are born after a recent renovation by Fondazione Sodalizio di San Martino and Fondazione Onlus Ecomuseo Colli del Tezio, financed by the Umbria Region and the Ministry of Economic Development.

Who is in charge of maintaining the Fuseum?
Fondazione Onlus Ecomuseo Colli del Tezio is in charge of practical aspects, in collaboration with Fondazione Sodalizio di San Martino that finances ordinary activites.

May I encounter animals in the forest?
The foliage of trees and bushes hide many animal species (mainly birds, lizards, and insects) absolutely harmless. The entire forest is enclosed, so the risk of encountering wild animals inside the park is extremely low.

Which is the nearest city to the Fuseum? How far it is located?
The nearest city is Perugia, whose historical city centre is about 5 km far from the museum park.

Are there other art places where I can see the artworks of Brajo Fuso?
There are three sculptures of Brajo Fuso in the courtyard of Palazzo della Penna, in Perugia.

Accessibility and services

By what means of transport is advisable to reach the Fuseum?
The Fuseum can be reached by car. Due to the small number of car spaces available, we recommend groups to arrange for buses and shuttle services.

Is it possible to park on the street?
No, the small size of verges does not allow that. There is parking inside the park with around ten places available, to which it is possible to enter through the black gate. We are working to build a larger parking lot near the museum park to accommodate more vehicles and visitors.

Fuseum is an accessible place for people with disabilities?
Unfortunately, the Fuseum is a difficult accessibility place for those who have a condition of mobility disability. It was built in the 1960s to collect the artworks of Brajo Fuso in one place only, partly used as a private residence. Only later did it become a museum open to the public. Architectural constraints and the conformation of the park do not allow necessary modification to improve accessibility.
We regret that we cannot do more. In any case, the Fuseum has free admission for people with all types of disability and their assistants.

Is Fuseum a suitable place for children?
In the park, there are sculptures made of metal pieces with possible traces of rust due to exposure to atmospheric agents and sharpened objects. Supervision of adults (parents and/or teachers) during the visit is essential.

Is the Fuseum a place equipped with toilets?
Yes, in the Sala Bettina there are unisex toilets, also for people with disabilities.

Is there a food court in the Fuseum?
Currently, there is no food court operating during the opening hours of the Fuseum. However, there is Sala Bettina, a room with 24 seats and an equipped kitchen functioning as a restaurant that soon can host buffet or dinner-events during specific events.

Is there a bookshop in the Fuseum?
Currently not. We are preparing to open a Shop section on the website in the future.

Can I make purchases on site?
No, except for admission tickets.


How much does it cost to visit the Fuseum?
An admission ticket for people aged 14 to 64 (except for discounts and conventions) costs 5,00€.

Are there particular discounts and conventions?
The admission ticket for people aged 6 to 13, seniors over 65, high school and university students costs 1,00€. A valid ID or a student card proving eligibility must be shown to obtain the discount.
The admission is free for children under 6, people with disabilities and their assistants.

When is the Fuseum open?
The Fuseum is open every Sunday (except during national festivities) from 10.00 to 13.00.
The last admission is at 12.00.


How long does it take to visit the whole Fuseum?
Indoor and outdoor spaces can be visited in about two hours.

How long does it take to visit the gallery
The visit to the gallery can last about one hour.

Can I visit the Fuseum without booking the ticket in advance?
Even if outdoor spaces are wide, it is recommended to book a ticket to avoid crowding during a specific hour, in case of group tours or to take a guided tour.

I would like to plan a guided tour of the Fuseum for a group of people. How can I do it?
It is necessary to contact the Fuseum by call, email or with the appropriate contact form on the Info page. Alternatively, on Plan your Visit page, there is the Additional Services section, dedicated to groups of a minimum of 8 people.

Is it possible to organise a school visit to the Fuseum?
Yes, the Fuseum is very happy to introduce new generations to the art of Brajo Fuso. On the Info page, there are all the references to contact us.

I would like to visit the Fuseum on a day other than Sunday. Is it possible?
Yes, you only need to contact the Fuseum by phone, email or with the appropriate contact form on the Info page in advance to verify the availability of the museum park. Alternatively, in the Additional Service section of the Plan your Visit page, there is the form for the application for a special opening.

Can I visit the Fuseum on my own, without the help of a guide?
Yes. We have set up an audio guide system that anyone can get for free. You only need to scan the QR code or the NFC tag near the artwork with the smartphone. We recommend using headphones to enjoy better the experience while respecting other people.

In which period of the year is better to visit the Fuseum?
It is possible to visit the gallery at any time of the year, while the park is most enjoyable from spring to autumn.


Can I eat a packed lunch at the Fuseum?
Yes, outdoor only, respecting the environment, the artworks and without leaving rubbish around.

Can I touch artworks?
Unless otherwise indicated by a guide, it is not possible to touch the artworks to ensure the safety of people and preserve the materials from which they are made. For the same reasons, it is forbidden to lean or climb on concrete sculptures.

Can I take photos of the artworks?
Yes, without flash. In the case of posting photos on social media platforms, is it possible to tag the official accounts of the Fuseum (we are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Can I smoke in the outdoor spaces of the Fuseum?
Absolutely not. Since it is an art place in the middle of a forest, smoking is forbidden for safety reasons.


What kind of events the Fuseum generally hosts?
The Fuseum hosts cultural events, for example, art exhibitions, book presentations, conferences, video projections, concerts, theatre and dance shows.

I would like to organise an event at the Fuseum. Is it possible to make an inspection?
Yes, you only need to contact the Fuseum through the appropriate form on the Organise page and schedule an appointment.

How much does it cost to organise an event at the Fuseum?
It depends on the type of event and requested services. To receive detailed information, you need to contact the Fuseum from the form on the Organise page.

What is the capacity of the various rooms?
Sala degli Elleni has a maximum capacity of 99 seats; Bociarius, the amphitheatre, 99; the forest as a whole can accommodate up to 500 people. Sala Bettina can guarantee 24 seats, but the number can increase during the warm season using outdoor spaces, such as the little square.

What services does the Fuseum provide for an event?
Logistic (reception, ticket office) and technical (assembly) support before and after the event; technical audio and video instruments (TV screen, stage lighting, PA system) and an equipped room for catering services. To learn in detail about available services in every room, see the Organise page.

Can the Fuseum take charge of the communication campaign of an event hosted there?
The Fuseum can relaunch free communication campaigns about events organised in the museum park through its social media platforms and the website. For a more structured service, please send a request from the form in the Organise or Info pages, and we will put you in touch with our trusted external suppliers.

Can the Fuseum host also private events?
Yes, but events coherent with the artistic and cultural spirit of the place. Birthday parties and ceremonies are not included in this category.