Art Brut: the return to the origins of the expression

Opera astratta di Jean Dubuffet in cui si riconoscono tre figure antropomorfe essenziali e stilizzate, disegnate imitando lo stile dei bambini nei primi anni di vita.


The necessity of freedom from cultural constructions to trace back creativity to ancestral expressive freedom fosters the birth of Art Brut. The artistic tendency marks the return of a childlike attitude of a Surrealist origin that combines perfectly with Brajo Fuso.
Unaware of this research, the artist again achieved similar results, leveraging the inborn desire to communicate differently.

Art Brut is always an aspect of Informalism, but with the restoration of archaic elements. For example, Jean Dubuffet, the leading exponent, went to Africa to study cave paintings, elements representing the infant stage of society.
The same research of an original form was made by Mirò, with the return to a primitive drawing, that unique sign full of everything. In order to restore authenticity, it is necessary to clear the mind and follow instinct only. Brajo Fuso was a master in this.